How mindfulness can help relationships

You are the only person you can change. So no, I can’t promise that other people will become less annoying 😂 but I can promise that the impact their behaviour has on you will be greatly reduced through cultivating a mindful way of being. Plus a million benefits on top of that.

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Is it the right time for me to start mindfulness?

Frequently we come to mindfulness or decide to investigate it when we are going through a tough time. This is completely natural – when we are feeling healthy and happy and everything is going “to plan”, it is not the obvious time to seek out ways to maintain that. As a society we are more used to a reactive approach – if something goes wrong we look for a solution.

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What is mindfulness

The term ‘mindfulness’ is everywhere these days, which can be really confusing and to some, it can even be off-putting, assumed to be another fad that will come and go. Everyone’s heard of it, but how much understanding is there behind this word, who knows what it actually means, and frankly why should you care?

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