How mindfulness can help relationships

Then you know what to do!

I am of course being a bit facetious with regard to this picture, and don’t mean to undermine this practice or its far reaching benefits. But I am also acutely aware that what makes life worth living - love, connection, other people - can also be what makes life tricky at times.

Mindfulness is supportive in so many ways, starting with cultivating a healthy relationship with ourselves. From that understanding and the compassion we build alongside it, the benefits of mindfulness radiate outwards to all we cross paths with.

Not everyone will want this practice, not everyone will be willing to explore and not everyone will see the value in it. That’s totally ok. If it is calling you, piquing your curiosity, that’s enough. You are enough. You are the only person you can change. So no, I can’t promise that other people will become less annoying 😂 but I can promise that the impact their behaviour has on you will be greatly reduced through cultivating a mindful way of being. Plus a million benefits on top of that.

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