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Wellbeing Strategy - Get Ahead Over the Summer

Wellbeing is firmly on the agenda. If you’re starting to think about a strategy, why not use the quieter summer months to do some planning. Get in touch to discuss taster events, workshops and your wider wellbeing strategy.

Benefits of Mindfulness

In today’s fast-paced environment, even the most robust of us can feel the impacts of life’s continual demands, and without the knowledge and skills to rebalance ourselves, our resources can become depleted.

Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach to wellbeing. Key benefits include:

·         Greater resilience

·         Improved focus

·         Clarity of thought

·         Calm

·         Stress release 

·         Reduced anxiety 

·         Equanimity


Roya specialises in mindfulness in the workplace having united her corporate background and mindfulness training from top institutions globally.

Based in London, she shares this way of being with ambitious professionals and all those seeking more balance in their lives. Read more here...

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