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March 2019 courses and Taster Sessions

Based on the global bestselling book by Dr. Danny Penman and Prof. Mark Williams, this flagship 8 week mindfulness course developed by Oxford University’s Mindfulness Centre offers all the benefits of MBSR and MBCT whilst designed to fit into the busiest of lives.

Taster Sessions are running on:

Tues 29 Jan & Tues 12 Feb - come along and find out what’s involved!

I wish I could give this gift to my 10-year-old self. If this practice can reach me, it can reach anyone.
— Matt, 34, mindfulness practitioner and beer-drinking, rollie-smoking bloke from down the pub

Benefits of Mindfulness

In today’s fast-paced environment, even the most robust of us can feel the impacts of life’s continual demands, and without the knowledge and skills to rebalance ourselves, our resources can become depleted.

Key benefits of a mindfulness practice include:

·         Greater resilience

·         Improved focus

·         Clarity of thought

·         Calm

·         Stress release 

·         Reduced anxiety 

·         Equanimity

Once learned, it is a practice that will stay with you for life, enabling you to navigate the brilliant highs,  the devastating lows, and everything in between, with more grace and ease.


Roya is a Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher and ex-financial services career woman. Based in London, she's sharing this way of being with ambitious professionals and all those seeking balance in their lives. Read more here...

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